Campfire Quilt : What Colors

Hi there, Quilty Friends!

I’ve gotten SO many inquiries about the fabrics I used in my Campfire Quilt so I promised to put together a blog post detailing which shades are which!


First, if you haven’t checked out Suzy’s latest pattern… CAMPFIRE QUILT… do that!  It’s a tad technical in precision but truly, if you’re patient with yourself totally anyone can take on this pattern.  Check out Suzy’s blog post where she details a few tips that all the testers came up with.  Things about pressing and starch vs no starch and mostly… PATIENCE 🙂

I had the pleasure of testing Suzy’s pattern coinciding with the ever strong maker-mama NEED to make my kiddo a new quilt for her coming very-first BIG GIRL BED.  So I made the throw sized pattern and added some extra borders to make it a mostly-twin-sized.  More on what adjustments I made later!

Without further adieu…

Fabrics used here are all RJR Cotton Supreme Solids and it’s backed in Cotton and Steel Sprinkle


Background is Raven (decidedly charcoal… very dark grey but def not black)
Tourmaline (bright and light yellow with a hint of green… this is pretty bright in person, difficult to photograph)
Ballerina (lightest pink)
Just Peachy (warmer peachy pink)
In the Buff (reads anywhere from tan to mauve depending on what it’s paired with)
Kerchief (a just off-white)
Meissen Blue (I’m calling this like 80% blue 20% green)
Beach House (and 80% green 20% blue)

In this photo colors are top to bottom In the buff, Just Peachy, Tourmaline, In the buff, Kerchief, Meissen Blue (x3) and then left to right Tourmaline, Beach House, Tourmaline, Tourmaline, In the Buff, Ballerina, Meissen Blue


Happy Quilting!

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