Campfire Quilt : Throw to Twin-ish Size Conversion

Hi there again, friends!

Here is a quick post to tell you how I converted my Suzy sized throw into a bed-sized twin quilt!  Suzy’s pattern is written for a square and it’s totally gorgeous that way but I wanted to throw this on my kiddo’s coming big girl bed.  I toyed with the idea of just adding a longer background border to the top and bottom but had a bunch of scrap strips and decided to continue to extend the logs past the existing pattern.

Suzy’s pattern looked like this when I finished my test.


NOW, it looks like THIS 🙂


To convert to a twin-ish size similar to what you see here:

*** NOTE : This definitely is a SMALL twin (I didn’t want much hang over cause the kiddo needs rails on both sides of her bed), so read through these, decide exactly how big you want your quilt to be and use this as a template to grow your quilt top.  ***


  1.  BEFORE YOU ADD THE 6” WIDE BACKGROUND BORDER AROUND YOUR LOGS:  Construct an additional four rows using the 55” wide measurement from the pattern or simply measure your widest log (which should be the width of your entire top at this point (before borders), Alternate 1.5” strip background and 2” wide strip color as you’ve been doing, only to the top and bottom until you’ve added four more rows of color to each end (or keep adding top and bottom until you have a length you like!  Conventional twin size is something like 70”x90”)
  2. Check in on your length and see if you like it.  At this point refer back to Suzy’s pattern and add the side borders of 6” wide background fabric (or add a wider border to get closer to the 70” width, you could up to a 10” border on each side)
  3. I increased my border size from 6” to 8” on the top and bottom to get a longer length closer to twin but you could easily keep alternating color strips as in step 1 above.  (or an even wider border)

Now that it’s been washed and dried my finished quilt measures right about 62” x 82”.  I did a little bit of trimming of the border because I misaligned my backing without realizing it, so don’t be too weirded out by the difference in width from Suzy’s 65 1/2” width for the throw.  I think between a slight trim and some shrinkage/crinklage it’s pretty close to the width of the original pattern.

Happy Making!


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